LVP (Luxury Vinyl Planking)


St. Michael Luxury Vinyl Plank

St. Michael Luxury Vinyl Plank, or LVP, is the perfect versatile flooring choice. Enjoy easy upkeep without sacrificing style. LVP is designed to look like wood or ceramic floor, while still being as simple to maintain as more traditional vinyl or laminate while also being waterproof (benefits below). LVP comes in a wide array of colors, making it one of your most versatile flooring options. Plus, modern innovations have ensured that, unlike vinyl floors of the past, your LVP flooring will hold up to wear and tear with many coming with either a 30 year or lifetime warranty!

Why Go Waterproof?

LVP is the hottest new flooring on the market and it is completely waterproof, and we can show you the best waterproof flooring options for your home, commercial space, or property management. Now you can get that gorgeous, real wood look or that high end look you’ve been craving in any room of your choice. Get ready for tons of options in the world of waterproof flooring.

SPLASH! “OOPS!” “Honey, we should have purchased the waterproof flooring!”

Kids, pets, parties and other spill inducing scenarios can be a nightmare, however, with waterproof flooring as a solution that can help you rest  easy.

Just like anything in life, you typically get what you pay for. Waterproof vinyl planks do tend to come at a higher price. Remember, you are paying for higher quality and versatility when it comes to where you can install it.

These planks are 100% waterproof flooring. They will not expand or contract if moisture is present and can be installed anywhere in the home.

If that doesn’t impress you – we don’t know what will! If you choose one of the products that have the attached underlayment, you get to cut out one time-consuming step from the installation process.

Ceramic and porcelain tile flooring are more commonly used in bathrooms, compared to other flooring options. Now you can flow that wood look rightinto the bathroom without the hassle of grout lines. All of these quality’s make Luxury Vinyl Plank one of the  most popular flooring options in the world.

st. michael luxury vinyl plank


So Now The Question We Get Everyday. Which one is better? LVP Or Engineered Wood??

Well, that depends on a couple of things first.  Where is it going? What is the subfloor condition?  IF your subfloor is in great shape without a lot of huge slopes and dips – LVP will be a great option.  However, IF your floor does have these inperfections, Laminate may be a better choice.  We can always level and fill any dips with a quality patch and self leveler if you are definitely wanting to go the LVP route.  Just understand that the subfloor must be flat in all areas with less than an 1/8 of an inch in tolerence.

Also, keep in mind that a HUGE difference in quality LVP and the stuff that you can buy for $2.49 at the box stores comes down to what they call “wear layer”.  This should always be the first thing you look at because it lets you know the durability and quality of the LVP that you are choosing for your home.

Something along the range of 20mm wear layer and up is what we recommend!!  DO NOT go with anything less than this because you will be sad to be tearing up your new floor in a couple years (if that) due to wear and wished you would have just got the luxury LVP the first time around!  We want to educate our customers and let them know why and what to look for out there.  Wayzata Flooring has a lot of great QUALITY LVP flooring in stock and we would be happy to come out and show you some of our samples and answer any questions you may have about any of our products!!


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LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank)

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